Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Oh she.
She steals your gaze away from me
You think you take advantage, she
And leaves
You a mess of a man
You bleed
And everything you touch
Turns color with stain
Not a day
Goes by that you are free
You are a slave to her greed
All that is lovely, her ugliness thieves
Though her skin is airbrushed for you
And her hair is silky and smooth
And her eyes invite
Your body and mind
It’s lies.
She is a lie.
A beautiful lie.
She’s a trap to ensnare you
Your devotion and consequently
Your investment
Oh that you could see the desperate ruin
She trails behind wherever she is welcomed
No one escapes undamaged
You couldn’t fathom the reaches of pain
That you cause
If you’d pause
Maybe then
But my friend
You are blind
Shortsighted and weak
Try to prove yourself strong
But you’re foolish and wrong
Wisdom knew all along
But you never listen
To voices of reason
Or insight
But pleasure
Rules over your life
Every aspect it plagues
‘Cause it’s wind that you chase
She is beauty she’s stunning
Her welcome is warm
She’s too simple to argue
Too convenient to ignore
But what she’ll never tell you
Is she’s strip you down bare
She’ll tear up your family
Your children, your wife
She will rip through your finances
Your heart, soul, and life
When you think you’ve escaped her
And her constant barrage
That torments your mind
Until nothing’s enough
When the woman who holds you
Cannot excite your love
And the children who trust you
Have to wade through the mud
Of the mess that you’ve left them in
Or even worse still
Follow in your dark footsteps
And into her will
Or grow to become that same object you lust for
Men, women are hurting
And children are lost
And you are a sorry and sad helpless lot
Once you let her control
Everything that you’ve got
Her addiction is real and it’s strong and it’s not
Going to satisfy
No, she teases…she plays
She takes your hand gently and leads you astray
She throws herself at you
She tempts and she taunts
She whispers, she messages
Texts and she knocks
She’ll knock you right down
Till your naked and broken
Till you’ve traded it all
For her pixels and your skin
She really does nothing
But sit there and wait
Wait for you to fall
In her arms
To this fate
Of fatal addiction
That will rob all your pride
And all your respect
Your position
As a man
And become a weak shell of a life
That could have been worth someone’s devotion
And I’ve
Seen it over and over and over again
Wake up, sleepy nation
To the pit you are in
Because she will devour
Your flesh and your soul
Run from her whispers
Break loose from her hold
Give your breath and your blood to escape her embrace
Stand up
Stand apart from the crowds and their chase
Their pursuit of her lies
Know the truth
And be wise
You can live your life chasing her
Or live your life
Not just breathing and present
But living life free
From the bitter entanglement
And destruction of