Friday, May 28, 2010

Worthington & Blakely

I received an email invite from a friend of mine for a BBQ get-together at her house.  Actually, it was a forward from her husband to mine, then to me.  In an effort to amuse myself [since I'm such a weirdo that I find this sort of thing entertaining], I decided to reply in a creative sort of way, and sent her this email message:

[The names are made up...]

My dear Mrs. Worthington,

As was previously arranged, my dashing Mr. Blakely must attend to an engagement baptizing a young woman who has recently experienced a conversion to the faith. This event has been arranged to take place from 3 o' clock until precisely 4 o' clock in the late afternoon. I regret to inform you that my presence must be missed for some time before we shall likely be obliged to join your lively gathering, however I will see thus to disassembling and arriving prior to Mr. Blakely's engagement's end, so as to see you sooner, my dear Mrs. Worthington.

Your hospitality is greatly anticipated. Whatever would you like us to gift your gathering with? Surely there is something my darling Mr. Blakely and I could spare to contribute. Reply at your leisure. Though, I only request that you do please bear in mind that I do so look forward to your return message, and accordingly I beseech you; don't delay beyond reasonable necessity, kind lady.

Mrs. Blakely

Now, I fully expected to receive back from her a "haha", "lol"... "you weirdo"  or something to that effect and then a brief response.  INSTEAD, to my surprise and delight, this was her reply:

My lovely Mrs. Blakely,

I am much obliged for your prompt reply. I look forward with delight and anticipation our union on Monday next. I am quite grieved for your sake of the scheduling conflict but am hopeful to have you united to us in due time. I pray for your timely arrival in the 5 o'clock hour. Please inform your dear children that mine look to the pleasure of their company.

Please do not trouble yourself with providing for the soiree, but if you desire a side of salad or dish of potato thins would be well received. I look to your delightful company with great anticipation.

Yours affectionately,
Mrs. Worthington

Her response caught me completely off-guard, I thought it was so funny that I made my husband read the exchange out loud and we were both laughing - almost to tears.  Truly, what a friend!  I added this to my "keep" folder.  [So I can laugh about it again sometime.]  I love having a friend who will not only accept me in all my ridiculousness, but join me in it.  I love you - you know who you are!


  1. Hahaha! That is so priceless! It's awesome to have such good friends!

  2. lol! Thats so funny! You ladies are so creative! I wouldn't know where to begin such a profound letter :)

  3. looooooove it! How were we not friends sooner, Heather??!! Shelley was hoarding you, that's it, isn't it!

  4. Ok I dont know why I am tearing up right now but for some reason after reading this very funny exchange of friendship you share with Mrs. Worthington I have signs of real life crockadile tears in my eyes!!?? Is it because I realize at this moment that I do not have any friends that love me in all of my ridiculoiusness and even join me in it? or is it that it makes me happy to know that no matter how old or "adult" we get, to live in the glamerous moments of our imagination is still where its at? Well either way, I am better for have reading this blog today Heather :)

  5. ...It could be hormones...[I blame everything on hormones].

    It is SO very special to have a friend who loves me.

    You know, in Jesus we DO have a friend who loves us even in our faults and silliness - "while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

    He didn't wait until we figured it all out and got ourselves together...He loved us. He gave His very life.

    When I was still in high school, God took me through a pretty difficult time when I really did not have any friends to turn to, or to talk with. During that period of about 6 months, He revealed His love and friendship to me in a way I had not experienced before. He taught me to run to Him first, to rely on Him - and showed Himself faithful and trustworthy in every way.

    I pray that as you face this season of feeling alone, that God will teach you these things too, and encourage you in them if you've already experienced it. And that He will bless you with a friend like mine...


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