Thursday, May 20, 2010

Familiarity Breeds Oversight

I was staring at Lil, my youngest, and kissing her...and staring and kissing and staring and kissing and...oh sorry, I digress...

But I was admiring and adoring her like usual, when I was struck by the thought; "How is this tiny little thing even working...and where did she come from" [ok, people, I...KNOW where she came from, sheesh!] But, is there no life and then a whole person is formed and birthed and alive... It is SO amazing!

...Then she cried and pooped and our blissful awestruck moment passed.

It's easy to begin to take for granted what is so miraculous and overlook the weighty honor of being entrusted with the care of our children, isn't it? It's easy to become caught up in the daily and grow familiar with life and all of it's wonder.  Sometimes that familiarity causes us to forget how wonderful and miraculous it is.

Even in the "unwonderful" moments of life...whatever they may be, [and we all experience them - even little Lil, ie...pooping & crying...and perhaps being smothered by her obnoxiously affectionate mother...] - we could benefit to learn the discipline of being still and knowing that He is God. Fixing our eyes on Jesus and recognizing His gloriousness displayed all around us. It is all around us.  But sometimes we become so familiar with it, we fail to even see. 

Open your eyes and take a second glance.  God is amazing!

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