Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Treasures From Grandma

A few days ago, I was sitting in the living room with my children when I heard a loud "THUD" outside my front door.  I jumped up to see what it was.  As I peered out the window, I recognized the postal truck, then my eyes dropped to the porch...it was a huge package...from Grandma. 

She is so thoughtful.  She remembers every birthday, every holiday...every anniversary.  She remembers me.  And although she and I live 1, 374 miles apart [approximately]...I know her heart is with us. 

Grandma often makes us gifts. She crochets blankets, hats and scarves. She bakes us cookies. She used to cook us Hungarian meals and send them in the mail. That was not such a great gift...I love her stuffed cabbage...but not after 5 days of unrefrigerated storage and travel, and not leaking out all over everything else in the box. Thankfully, now we only get stuffed cabbage when we visit. 

This package was stuffed with lovingly crafted scarves and baby blankets. Several containers of cookies...and many other treasures; including a crystal ashtray...several lacey vintage nightgowns...a basket shaped like a duck and fancy soap from the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Opening up a gift from my Anyu is a little like yard sale-ing. There is always some surprise. You never know just what to expect. And I often wonder what the stories are behind the treasures she sends. Like the duck basket, which I've seen in her home for years - where did it come from? Or the lovely jewelry she sent...where did she wear it to, who was it from? Or the sets of utensils...who sat around her table and shared a meal with them?

I wonder these things, and wish sometimes that she were closer. I wish I knew her better. It's difficult to know someone well when your visits fall several years apart.  

Here are some of the treasures she sent in her box:

How fun is THAT?!

I love treasures from Grandma.  Next time, I will take pictures of the nighties and duck basket too...

But you know, the real treasure from Grandma is that she remembers me, she loves me...she is willing to spend $25.00 on postage just to send me a giant box of fun treasures for a special occasion. It's not so much the things she puts inside that I value...what is even more precious to me is the tender care and love I know she puts into each blanket she crochets, every cookie she cuts, every gift she selects from her closet or shelves to send me. I know she is sending me much more than things…she sends me her love…her memories…a little bit of herself. What a lovely gift.

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  1. Oh!! what a wonderful blessing of a grandma you have! That is TOO funny that she sent you stuffed cabbage! hahaha!
    Those treasures are awesome, and BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the silverware (both sets!)... It's so neat to find/have the belongings of someone you love. When my great grandma died, we got a box of her (costume-y) jewelry, there were a lot of clip on earrings (similar to the earrings in the pic below the pearl bracelet), that were gorgeous, and I made them into magnets, and gave them to my Grandpa and mom... they loved them and were very touched, because they remember her every time they see those on the fridge (not to mention it makes your kitchen purty!)...
    Where does your Grandma live, Heather? Hopefully you get to see her soon!


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