Saturday, December 18, 2010

You Know You're Pregnant When...

Before you all get too excited [by "you all" I mostly mean my mom] ...I am NOT pregnant. 

But, I have a sweet friend who is...and she wrote a fun post I had to share. Swing over and read it here...and browse her other posts - she is a gifted writer. I love to read Jessica's blog, which she has titled Jessie's Journal!


  1. I got all excited :) though slightly confused, thinking Wait, I talked to you yesterday and I find this out on your *blog*?? I loved her post too.

  2. Ha! That would be awful! [Finding out via blog after visiting yesterday - not pregnancy...although, I might cry if I were to find out right now...then I'd get over it and be excited.] I love Jessie's wit and insight.


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